WZH Group

Message from the general sales manager

About price: Our company's price is currently in the middle of the entire industry. Some customers have reported that some suppliers' quotations will be 5% to 15% lower than ours. If you are comparing the price between many suppliers. Please thinking about our manufacturing quantities. Once we were also a small scale company and made cheap stuff for some quick orders. At the back, our dealers and we reported that their local actual customers had water leakage/material damage. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, we have upgraded many materials. For example, we use aluminum alloy The material replaced the plastic material to block the gaps in the house. This has greatly improved the overall interior appearance of the house. We have also found in these years of experience that for example, the temperature in Australia is completely opposite to that in China in June and December . The temperature difference is 30 to 40 degrees (because it is winter in Australia and summer in China). Therefore, in the use of glue, paint, and many materials, we avoid up to 20 days of internal Sudden changes in temperature use more heat resistant higher quality materials.So finally this is the reason for the final cost increase.

About warranty: Many people will worry about cooperate with a Chinese company or manufacture. We provide full after sale service to our customers. If you encounter any damage or missing parts within three years after the arrival of the goods, we will pass for free International express mails you the latest accessories for replacement, and we also guarantee that we will 100% not have any fundamental damage in the main material.